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Information retrieval at the PPGEGC Theses and Dissertations Library Catalog


This paper proposes a hierarchical navigational taxonomy structure to organize the documents available at the Theses and Dissertations Library Catalog of the Graduate Program in Engineering and Knowledge Management (PPGEGC) at the Federal University of Santa Catarina. Currently the PPGEGC Library Catalog does not have a hierarchical structure to organize these documents, making the information retrieval difficult. The taxonomic structure that we propose was developed based on the concentration areas (Knowledge Engineering, Knowledge Management and Media and Knowledge), as well as nine research lines that compose PPGEGC. The terms that compose the proposed taxonomy were collected based on data mining technique using the R software and then we used the keywords in the documents to complement the taxonomic structure. After all, we could organize all topics covered by dissertations and thesis in PPGEGC in a taxonomy composed by 583 terms.

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